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Stationery, Office supply

Nihonto Hasami Japanese Sword Scissors - Date Masamune


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Nickin Knife Co., Ltd.

Stationery, Office supply

Nihonto Hasami Japanese Sword Scissors - Date Masamune


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Inspired by Date Masamune, who is also known as
the "Dokuganryu (One-Eyed Dragon)", these unique scissors channel his iconic and beloved sword.

The Date clan's family crest, "Take ni Suzume (sparrow and bamboo)" is designed on the sheath.

Forged by the swordsmiths in Seki city, Gifu,
where the majority of Japanese swords have been made for over 800 years,
these scissors are extra sharp and easy to use. 

Also, Nikken Cutlery's original technique called the "R Blade" is applied,
resulting in the angled blades with the upper blade being slightly shorter than the bottom one.
The R blade allows holding the object steadily, which makes cutting extra smooth and easy.

The decorative sheath acts as a cap, so you can store the scissors
safely and bring it with you if needed. 

A perfect way to pay homage to one of the greatest Japanese samurai, Date Masamune. 

■Size: approx. 18cm (length)
■Color: Black
【Blade】Stainless Steel
【Handle & Sheath】ABS
■Made in Gifu
■Brand: Sekiden-no-bi
■Manufacturer: Nikken Cutlery Co., Ltd. 
■Weight (g) (Product Only): 70
■Weight (g) (Including Packaging): 110
■Caution: Be careful when using. Do not use it for other purposes. 

Item No. V05464999028
Jan: 4945569766638

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