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  9. Mamena Black Bean Tea 12 bags


Mamena Black Bean Tea 12 bags


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Mamena Black Bean Tea 12 bags


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This additive-free, color-free, and caffeine-free tea is made by slow-roasting black soybeans. Each serving is packed in individual tea bags so its easy to brew

■ Ingredients: black soybean (Hyogo prefecture · non-GM product)

■ Contents: 24 g (2 g X 12 P) 

■ Country of Origin: Hyogo prefecture, Japan 

■ How to drink: Pour in 100 cc of hot water, leave for 2 minutes, and shake the pack several times before drinking. 

■ Note: Those with soy allergies should refrain from drinking

■ Storing: Avoid storing heat, humidity, and direct sunlight. 

■ Manufacturer: Terao Milling Co., Ltd.

Item No. V01522999028

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