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  9. Hasami-yaki Kurawanka bowl (leaf, blue)


Hasami-yaki Kurawanka bowl (leaf, blue)


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Ishimaru pottery


Hasami-yaki Kurawanka bowl (leaf, blue)


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During the Edo period, there were small ships called “Kurawanka ships” in Yodogawa river, Osaka which served their passengers food and drinks. The plates used on these ships were called “Kurawanka bowls,” made in Hasami city, Nagasaki, which was famous for its pottery from this era. For this series we arranged these Kurawanka bowls to fit modern life. It is slightly bigger than the typical rice bowl, so it is perfect for don-dishes, such as deep-fried cutlet bowl, tempura bowl, sashimi bowl. Enjoy various types of "don-dishes" . It is wrapped with a tenugui towel.


■ Size Details: 17x17xHeight 10.5cm

■ Weight: 430g

■ Weight (including packaging): 543g

■ Materials: Pottery (towel: 100% cotton)

■ Made in Nagasaki Prefecture 

■ Brand: Ishimaru Pottery 

■ Precautions:  *This product can be used in the microwave and dishwasher. *Do not use on open fire or oven. *Bleach resilient. 

#くらわんか #波佐見焼 #丼 #茶碗 #ちゃわん #ricebowl

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Item No. V04011999028
Jan: 4539124479349

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