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Rice, Bread, Noodle

Kyoto Soba


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Rice, Bread, Noodle

Kyoto Soba


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Kyoto soba with a smooth, slippery texture. Features smooth feel created by mountain yam powder and rich soba flavor. Enjoy hot in broth or cold with dipping sauce. 

Ingredients: wheat flour, soba (buckwheat) flour, mountain yam powder, salt
Volume: 240g
Made in: Japan
Serving instructions:
1. Sprinkle noodles into at least 3 liters of boiling water in large pot and stir gently with chopsticks.
2. Boil on high heat for about 5 minutes. Do not let boil over.
3. After boiling, drain into strainer, quickly rinse in running water, and drain off water thoroughly. (Be careful not to burn yourself.)
Enjoy hot with broth or cold.
*Consume promptly after preparing.
Precautions: Be careful not to burn yourself when washing noodles in running water after boiling.
Storage: store in a dry location at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.
Manufacturer: Miwa Yamamoto

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Item No. V01811999028
Jan: 4589695880860

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