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Candied Plum "Rubia"


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Candied Plum "Rubia"


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"Rubia" is fruity candied plums made from Nanko-Ume (plum).

No salt is contained and it is pickled only with sugar and apple vinegar.

Each plum is aged while monitored under strict temperature control.

These candied plums are made in hopes that even the people from

different countries who are not familiar with the usual sour taste of the plums

will be able to enjoy the taste of Nanko-Ume.

No additives and preservative are used.

Enjoy the perfect balance of the rich, sweet flavor and sourness.


■Ingredients: Plum, Sugar, Apple Vinegar

■Contents: 20g×8

■Weight(Including packaging): 420g

■Made in Wakayama, Japan

■How to Serve: Consume as is.

■Caution: Once opened, store in a refrigerator at lower than 10℃.

There may be plum seeds with sharp tips, be careful when eating.

■How to storage: Avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.

■Manufacturer: Koubaien Co., Ltd.

Item No. V05017999028

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